Guest Art- Cat Farris

WHOOOOA GUEST ART!! It's week one of hiatus and I live in America and I am just plain exhausted. But I hope some guest art can help lift your spirits! This lovely piece is from Cat Farris, who draws The Last Diplomat , a neat fantasy comic that I highly recommend you read! 

I'll be back with something next week, but until then if you subscribe to my Patreon you'll be able to start seeing pages from chapter five very soon. Hang in there, guys! 

Chapter 4 Page 50


It's been one hell of a ride and I will now be taking a BREAK. I need time to recharge and work on prep for Emerald City Comic Con and the next chapter, so I will return with Chapter 5 on February 20th. Until then you'll be getting some guest art and a little bonus art on Mondays.

But until then, I've just joined this little thing you may have heard of. It's called Patreon! For those unfamiliar Patreon allows you to donate any amount of money you want to support me, the artist, to help create this comic and other projects! In return, you'll get to see pages early, progress reports, how I do my research, and a whole bunch of other fun goodies. So if you'd like to see what I'm working on next, you can find it Here !

Thank you so much for reading and I will SEE YOU NEXT MONDAY! 

Chapter 4 Page 47

WHOOOOA This is not quite the end of chapter four! There's a small epilogue coming up and then I'll be going on hiatus for a few weeks because that'll be the end of both chapter four and act one! I'll let you guys know closer to the end of the epilogue but I'll be letting you guys know about upcoming conventions (it's that time of the year again) and other news.