Elizabeth Watson is a young woman trapped between ideals that she can never reach. 

Too traditional to take part of her adventurer family lineage and too poor and obscure to be a true society lady, Elizabeth’s fortunes may change for the better with the introduction of famed industrialist Mr. Lovelace in her life. She is soon pulled into his world of industry and conspiracy- where violence is the norm, sky pirates roam the skies and a woman with wings made of brass and steel hunts in the night. 

Maiden of the Machine is a Gothic Adventure comic and updates weekly on Mondays. This comic is written and drawn by Caitlin Like and I am a cartoonist currently situated in Portland, Oregon. You can find more of my work  or contact me through the form below!

Maiden of the Machine is recommended for PG13/YA level readers for violence, depictions of emotional abuse, and sexual situations.


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