September Notice!



Unfortunately, August and September have been incredibly crazy. And while good news is that I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con THIS WEEKEND, AND YOU CAN COME SAY HI TO ME, THAT WOULD BE LOVELY AND I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU

This also means that I’m having to cram work between next week post-con and a family visit the last week of September. And because I’m a full time freelancer, it means I gotta put a priority of attention on paid work this month, and I can’t give Maiden the attention it deserves. So I need to take a month off but I will be back on OCTOBER 3RD. I’m counting on the con giving me a much needed shot in the arm so that I can cruise through the rest of this chapter without too many more bumps.

Thanks for putting up with me these past few months with the rocky schedule- I really want to get back to regular programming soon, and hopefully I will be in the mental and financial space to do that soon! But please come see me this weekend at Rose City Comic Con if you’re in the area, and if not, I’ll see you on the 3rd!