Guest Art 1


First out of the gate are BOYS drawn by my partner in webcomics crime, Robin! Robin draws a fantastic comic called Ushala at World's End which you should be reading if you are into the following-

  • Sword and sorcery
  • Fairies 
  • Queer protagonists
  • Demons
  • Reincarnation 
  • Casual Nudity 
  • Hot ladies like goddamn

Ushala at World's End is about a warrior from a rural tribe named Ushala, who discovers she is the reincarnation of their world's most feared and destructive warlord. On her journey towards spiritual redemption she meets a wayward bard named Cor, who decides to chronicle her quest to right the wrongs of her past life. 

You can also find Robin's work here and here! New guest art will be up next week.