Guest Art- MK

Maiden machine fanart.png

Happy hiatus! Today's guest art is drawn by incredibly cool MK, who creates the comic Sea Legs

Science, magic, intrigue, justice – Sea Legs has it all! The story revolves around Almost Dr. Malcolm Davis, a marine biologist conducting his thesis where the Ionian and Mediterranean Seas meet, far off the coast of Greece. After submitting his proposal to the National Institute of Oceanic Sciences and Discovery (NIOSD) in London, he was given a yacht-turned-research-vessel by the Institute’s President, Dr. Nigel Weston, to spend a year developing and testing algae samples that could break down pollutants without negatively affecting the local wildlife. What he didn’t expect was that the local wildlife would be less than thrilled of a human’s presence…

I hope y'all are having a good break- I'm really happy with this next batch of pages and I can't wait for y'all to see them. Pages are back on the 26th!