Chapter 3 Page 24

Double update! If you haven't seen page 23 yet just click back one. 

I wanted to wrap up this scene because I have to go on hiatus starting on the 25th for three weeks. This has been overdue- I know the schedule for updates has slipped tremendously in the past month, but I've been so busy wrapping up and starting new paid work projects. This next one is going to be a doozy and suck up a good three months of my time, so I want to get as many pages for you guys done in the next three weeks before I'm lost to the voids of Tudor-era historical fiction for a while. BUT! In those three weeks we're going to be having weekly updates from some fantastic guest artists that I'm super excited for. And I hope you will be too! 

Regular updates will be resuming on the 17th of March and I'll be updating the news posts soon with my convention schedule coming up in the next few months. I'm going to be at both Emerald City Comic Con and Vancouver Comic Arts Festival in the next few months, so things are going to get just a little bit crazy.