Chapter 7 Page 18


Maiden of the Machine will be on Kickstarter ON MONDAY if I don’t collapse first! You can still sign up for the email list, a preview of the page will be going out to folks who have signed up this weekend. We’ll update as normal on Monday and throw on some links here as soon as the page launches, since it’ll be during the day and not during the midnight hour when the comic typically updates.

Volume 1 will be collecting chapters 1-4 and will also contain bonus art and sketches, with bookplate and sketch tiers available. There will be 25 books available with free shipping for US pledges and $10 international shipping for international pledges, so you can sign up on the email list below and you'll be the first to know once the Kickstarter goes live!

I'm really excited to bring this book to life in beautiful bound form and I hope you will be to!