Chapter 5 Prologue Page 2

If you missed the announcement Monday~~

I'm back at Emerald City Comic Con! In the artist alley, at table B-12! (Sixth floor this year) It's coming up next week, on March 2nd-5th! I'll be back with books, including Maiden of the Machine chapters 1-3 (Chapter 3 will be new this year for Emerald City!) in print, so I'm doing something new this year. Pre-orders!

Until the end of the month, or until I sell out, I'm opening a limited number of print copies of chapters 1, 2, and 3 for pre-sale to be picked up at the show. They'll be available for $10 each, $5 cheaper than buying at the show. So if you're coming to Emerald City this year, fill out the submission form on the About page here with your information and which books you'd like, and I can work out payment and pickup with you! 

Also if you're looking to see previews of the comic before they go up on the site and behind the scenes Good Stuff you can find it on my Patreon!  See you on Monday!