The Ingenue

Elizabeth Watson | 21 |

Lizzie to her sister, Birdie to her childhood friends, Eliza to her would-be fiance, and Elizabeth to only one, Elizabeth is a spirited, romantic and musically inclined young woman. She lives under the care of her older sister after the very sudden death of their parents, leaving her the burden to marry to reclaim their vast family fortune. The lack of control she has in her life is beginning to make her behave rashly, to the point of pursing a relationship with a man she barely knows.



The Adventurer

Abhaya Watson | 27 |

Explorer, mercenary, anything but a lady of leisure, Abhaya had anything but a normal upbringing. Born in India, raised in an attempt to be a proper lady on an estate, then taken all over the world by her father in search of gentlemanly adventures, Abhaya finds herself incredibly uncomfortable in the rigid society that she finds herself trapped in. A spinster at 27 and with no interest in marriage to save their own skins, Abhaya has decided to forge her own way for the safety and sanity of herself and her sister. Even if that means knocking a few heads around in the process.



The Industrialist

Victor Lovelace | 29 |

Cold to those who cross him, warm to those precious few he cares for, little is actually known about the truth of Victor Lovelace. One thing is clear, however- the wealthy industrialist at the head of the now thriving company Lovelace Industries seems to have a lot of secrets he’d rather keep hidden.



The Assistant

Jules Gray | 28 |

American by birth and English by upbringing, Jules is a man disconnected from his roots and only tethered to earth by his job. His job? To clean up after and take care of his employer, Mr. Lovelace. Trained as a domestic servant from a very young age, he was once a very close friend and confidant of Abhaya Watson and Milo Newbury, until he became part of something that drove the three of them apart. Now that he’s back in Abhaya’s life, his days of tormenting once one of his closest friends has only just begun.


The Doctor

Milo Newbury | 27 |

The youngest son of a very rich family, Milo is reserved and quiet, frequently doubting his own worth but willing to throw his power around to protect the people he loves. He was engaged to his childhood friend Abhaya for many years, until an unknown occurrence caused them to separate. Since then he has not married and is incredibly paranoid around the subject, as he is apparently being blackmailed on the subject by his former childhood companion Jules.


 The Would-Be Fiance

Eric Wollstonecraft | 22 |

The Right Honorable Eric Wollstonecraft is dead broke. The arrangement by their fathers for him to marry Elizabeth Watson and thus inherit her father’s vast fortune has been delayed by the sudden death of her parents, but no longer. Eric will have his way and this marriage, or there will be hell to pay.

edward and shashi.png

 The Parents

Edward Watson | Age at Death: 48 | Shashi Watson | Age at Death: 45 |

Shashi fell in love with the young, hapless explorer Edward Watson on one of his journeys to India and married him with hopes of seeing a life of adventure. Instead, after the birth of their youngest daughter Elizabeth, he left her in a country estate in England while he became famous in the form of daring and adventurous articles detailing his adventures across the globe. Later, he would take his apparently suited for action eldest daughter Abhaya on his adventures with him. Their marriage, never quite the same after the birth of Elizabeth, ended two years ago when the airship ferrying them back to Shashi’s former residence of Delhi fell from the sky somewhere in the Mediterranean.

oscar and west.png

 The Staff

Oscar Zhang | 30 | Charles West | 21 |

Oscar and West are terribly opposite- Oscar is the valet and head of servants in the Lovelace household, while West serves as footman. That doesn’t seem to be all that they do, however- but for all their bluster they are particularly good at keeping their mouths shut when it counts.


 The Searcher

Amabel Hayworth | 26 |

Amabel is out of options when she turns to Abhaya for help- she has become defacto leader of a group of concerned friends and relatives investigating the disappearance of their loved ones. Amabel’s precious younger brother Ambrose was working as a mechanic for Lovelace Industries when he mysteriously vanished. She’s attempting to take advantage of Abhaya’s explorer past to get her help in tracking down her brother, but it remains to be seen if she will succeed.