Chapter 6 Page 40


And hey we're back!! I'm out of the woods freelance-wise and pumped to get back to personal work. 

But in other news, I've got a new comic out! It's called The Gimmick Oracle, and you can get it for pay what you want on Gumroad right now!

It's about spiritualism and ghosts and haunted houses and more round-faced heroines so go give it a look! Also I've fallen down a Yugioh hole on my twitter, so that's what I've been up to. See you on Monday!! 

Chapter 6 Page 39


Hello there! As you've noticed, this page was delayed! Unfortunately I'm drowning in work at the moment, both from a freelance gig that's absconding with my time, day job, and other general life stress that's keeping my busy. So, the comic is gonna take a short break and be back on APRIL 19TH, which will be after this huge deadline that's focused on swallowing me whole. 
I can't wait to come back and give the comic the attention it deserves, and by then I won't be completely exhausted. Thank you so much for your support and comments that bring me unending joy! 

<3, Caitlin