Guest Art- Diana Huh

Hiatus roundup!

Today's guest art is from Diana Huh, who draws The Lonely Vincent Bellingham! 

The Lonely Vincent Bellingham is about SOME JERK named Vincent, a sheltered young man probably isn't a jerk, but is questionably lonely when he crashes into the home of an independent and private vampire named Victoria and her two children. You can read it here!

You can find more of Diana's awesome work here and here.

Chapter 3 Page 36

West is pretty much the king of negging and will automatically repel any women he's actually attracted to. Needless to say he's popular with the ladies until he opens his dumb mouth, which he can't resist. Doesn't stop him from trying, though! 

So the chapter is almost over!!  Hiatus will go for three weeks and starts on the 23rd, and there will be guest art between then and the next chapter starting! Huzzah!

In the meantime, I'm going to try and figure out what I can even do with this small sliver of free time I suddenly have. It's bizarre. 

Chapter 3 Page 34

We're not late! We're fashionably tardy. 

I met some of you guys at VanCaf!! Thank you so much for saying hello, that really meant a lot to me! I was so wiped out from driving but you guys really made my weekend. If I go back to VanCaf next year, this time I'm flying. None of that driving nonsense. Also, chapter is almost done! Just a few more pages, then we'll be taking another hiatus so I can work on Chapter 4 in bulk and get a nice buffer going. I should have wrapped my current project by then. Thanks guys!