Chapter 5 Page 29

Got a busy weekend so only one page today! But! If you want more comics from me, the anthology I'm in has less than two days to go on kickstarter! I've got a story in Can I Pet Your Werewolf? that's super cute and it's already funded! We're pushing for stretch goals now, less than $3000 will net me a page rate raise of $50 on top of what I'm already being paid. Which would be fantastic for me! 

As for future batch updates, well- I'm planning two separate ones for this chapter. You'll know when we hit them. ;D

Chapter 5 Page 24

So the past few weeks have been a bit rocky (I started a new part time job and I'm dealing with some standing all day pains that I somehow forgot about) so I'm taking a very brief refresh break to catch up on freelance work and commissions. The comic will start up again on the 26th, so this is just a very short two week get-my-stuff-back-in-order hiatus. In which there will be guest art! On Thursday! (It's beautiful oh my god) 

Thank you for your patience and I'll be swinging back with more pages on the 26th!